Top 10 Travel Health Tips Top 10 Travel Health Tips

Top 10 Travel Health Tips


Staying healthy during your trip is very important to us and of course, to you. Here are our Top Ten Travel Health Tips to hopefully stand you in good stead for your walking holiday:

1. Travel Insurance

Purchasing travel insurance well in advance of your departure is essential. Be frugal in reading the fine print so that you have an idea on what will be covered. There are plenty of comparison sites that give you a break-down of what’s included, and a comparison of costs. Ensure you have your policy details on hand throughout your journey.

2. Fitness Levels

A holiday that involves an itinerary of activities such as walking in national parks, will undoubtedly require some level of fitness. How do you prepare? Check exactly what’s involved before you book, and follow the advice of your Tour Company, and read our Fitness Tips for a Walking Holiday article.

3. Sleep well

Getting good sleep prior to your departure will assist in keeping your immune system fighting fit, and will also prepare you for jet lag if you are travelling further afield.

4. Minimise jet lag

To get your holiday off to a good start, it’s best to arrive with as little jet lag as possible. You don’t want to miss out on any of your precious adventure time, right? Ways in which to reduce jet lag include choosing the right time to fly, eating the correct foods, carefully selecting sleep times, and mild exercise. Here are our 12 Tips to Beat Jet Lag.

5. Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of clean water to keep you hydrated and healthy. Depending on your destination, source safe drinking water. Wherever you travel, it may be an idea to drink only bottled water, and ensure the lid has not been previously opened!

6. Don’t forget your prescription drugs and a note from your doctor

Fill your scripts before you leave, and take whatever you need for the duration. If travelling overseas, it’s advisable to ask your doctor to write a small note confirming that these prescriptions are indeed, yours, to save any inconvenience when travelling through and arriving in different countries.

7. First Aid Kit

Wherever you travel, even if it’s just for a day walk, take a small basic first aid kit with you. It can be compact yet still include the necessities such as band-aids, antiseptic cream, Betadine, pain killers and a small bandage.

8. Be sun aware

Living in Australia, we all know how powerful the sun can be, however when you are out all day on walks and excursions, be extra sun-aware. Wear a hat, a cool long sleeved shirt, stay hydrated, and of course don’t forget to pack the sunscreen.

9. Be careful with your food

If you are travelling further afield in countries with questionable drinking water, then do be careful when purchasing food. Remember that fruits and vegetables may be grown, prepared and cooked with the same water. Fruits that can be peeled such as bananas, pineapples and oranges are a safer option.

10. Protect yourself from bites 

Insect repellent if you are walking in forests and bush land. Protect yourself from insect bites and stings, including ticks and mosquitoes. You can also purchase walking clothing that has repellent in the fabric which is used by many national park rangers here in Australia.

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