Travelling with Adult Grandchildren

Travelling with Adult Grandchildren


interNATIONAL PARKtours has been designing unique tour itineraries that incorporate nature’s most breathtaking landscapes throughout Australia and the rest of the world. For 45 years we have lead singles and couples on life-changing adventures to lesser known destinations, specifically designed for those who love walking in wild places.

As technology began to dominate the lives of many, especially the younger generations, people are recognizing the need to showcase the ‘real world’ to their children and grandchildren. Mobile devices and computer games have become an addiction, and getting young adults out into nature allows us to showcase the world at our doorstep.

The past 12 months in particular, we have noticed an upturn in intergenerational holiday bookings, skipping the middle generation. Grandparents and adult grandchildren are sharing life’s best experiences by holidaying together in harmony.

In 2020, we have grandparents and grandchildren booked on IPT tours to countries such as Borneo, Turkey and here at home in Australia. Most of the tours are paid for by the grandparents, who believe the money is best spent on experiences with their loved ones, rather than it in being left in their will.

On a trip with IPT, the agenda incorporates a good mix of outdoor adventure, culture and history, and also offers opportunities to schedule some alone time with your grandchild. Quality time between grandparents and grandchildren can be a wonderful bonding experience, and travelling with your adult grandchildren can make you feel proud that they are capable citizens of the world.

Our friendly, knowledgeable guides lead the way, providing education, enhancing the experience, and taking the pressure from the grandparent to be the ‘leader’ as such.

Besides the obvious experiential benefits, when you travel with your grandchildren, a love of adventure can be passed on, you can holiday when both parents are working full-time, and the financial benefits include twin share accommodation with your loved one, meaning no single supplement expenses!

If you want to share a truly unique experience with your adult grandchild, we recommend the following trips:

Borneo, Sumatra & Flores Wildlife Safari - 05 April - 17 April 2020
New South Wales - North Coast to the Tablelands - 02 May - 10 May 2020
Turkey – Cappadocia to the Lycian Coast - 01 June - 16 June 2020

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