Why Do You Need Domestic Travel Insurance?

Why Do You Need Domestic Travel Insurance?

Australians now understand the imperative of having a good quality travel insurance policy when travelling internationally.  You may wonder why you should invest in travel insurance if you are exploring your own country. Theoretically you are covered for emergency medical assistance and evacuation – one of the biggest travel insurance claims internationally. Cover varies between insurance companies and from top to basic policies, but here are five answers to the question, “why should I have domestic travel insurance”? 

Cancellations: If you are booking a tour, a package, an interstate getaway, you will be covered for cancellation fees and lost deposits. This covers you for events outside of your control such as illness, injuries, strikes, collisions, retrenchment, natural disasters etc.

Rental Car Excess: This is a great benefit if you use rental cars more than once or twice a year. The cost of rental car excess fees and charges can be enormous so it’s nice to be able to say to the rental company, that your travel insurance has got this covered.

Lost & Stolen Items: Your bags, camera, phone etc can be stolen in Cairns just as easily as Cairo. While the amount of cover is lower than most international policies, it can help with the cost of replacing such items.

Additional Expenses: This is very handy if you or your travelling companion cannot continue the journey because of a disabling injury or illness. The cost of additional transport, accommodation or relatives travelling while you are in hospital is usually covered.

Accidental Death: Your spouse or dependent children may be paid a benefit if you die as a result of an accident, a terrorist attack or due to the disappearance of transport carrier on your trip.
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