Tour Style

With close to 40 years experience in leading walking holidays around the world, we find that our small group tours attract like-minded people. Guests bond easily and after tours they often create reunions, celebrations and friendships, many of them life-long.

Our tours are active with regular half and full day walks. Aside from walking, we also spend time meeting local people, tasting regional food and immersing ourselves in the culture and history of a place. Our flexibility enables us to adapt to the likes, dislikes and agility of our travellers, and changing situations such as weather and unforeseen circumstances. In most locations, we stay 2-3 nights and sometimes longer. This allows us to slow down, unpack our bags and enjoy the local atmosphere at different times of the day. Accommodation is comfortable, unique plus locally owned and operated where possible.


Tour Discounts

Loyalty Discounts

An additional discount of A$200 per person applies to your tour booking if you have travelled on 10 or more ParkTours tours previously OR you are travelling on 2 or more tours within a calendar year. For our super loyal and frequent travellers there is an additional A$400 per person discount if you have travelled 20 or more tours with ParkTours. This is a small reward to thank you for your long-standing loyalty & support of our walking holidays. Please note these Loyalty discounts are only available for direct bookings. 


Tour Inclusions

Our tours are designed to reveal a "slice of life" in the places you travel. We have included as much as possible in the price, allowing you to relax and enjoy your holiday. Some days you will be free to find a special place to dine or to seek out an independent adventure that especially appeals to you.