Walk Grading

The walks on each tour in this brochure are graded broadly to indicate the level of difficulty under normal conditions and circumstances. Please note that grading systems have limitations and individual walks on a tour can vary widely in their level of difficulty. Full details of a tour's walks are included in the detailed tour itinerary. Also keep in mind that individual experience and fitness, as well as environmental conditions suchas rainfall or high temperatures on the day, may mean that a walk graded as easy could be experienced as moderate or even challenging. Walks range in length from 5km to 15km/day up to a maximum of 25km. You will enjoy all hikes more if you have a good overall level of fitness and walk regularly prior to the tour.


Easy: Walks are on well-maintained tracks with only minor changes in elevation.

Moderate: Walks are on a defined track or a recognised hiking route. These walks may involve obstacles such as creek crossings or easy scrambling. Hilly terrain can be expected.

Challenging: Require a good level of fitness and agility with regular recent walking experience in terrain similar to that on the tour. May involve one or more of the following: rough tracks/routes, steep ascents/descents in steep terrain, ladders or rock scrambling with exposure to height, rough creek walking (boulder hopping), or altitudes above 3000m. Refer to the tour's itinerary for details.

It is important that you read the itinerary carefully and especially the walk descriptions for each day. Compare this information with your most recent walking experience to assess whether you will be comfortable completing walks on your chosen tour. If you wish to discuss the walks in more detail, please do not hesitate to call us.
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